10,000 Words
10,000 Words gives journalists and Web aficionados practical tips on how to best incorporate multimedia into their work. The site also culls the Web for up-and-coming or underused technologies that enhance journalism.

Covering Communities
Covering Communities – a site for journalists, educators, students and citizen journalists—seeks to motivate members of the journalism community by broadening the understanding of how communities work and by showing how to apply that knowledge. They hope to become a valuable resource to those in the journalism field, providing working journalists, journalism students, educators and citizen journalists with a Web site that includes insights about community knowledge, training materials and examples of community journalism today.

Cyber Journalist
CyberJournalist.net is a news and resource site that focuses on how the Internet, convergence and new technologies are changing the media. The site offers tips, news and commentary about online journalism, citizen journalism, digital storytelling, converged news operations and using the Internet as a reporting tool. CyberJournalist.net invites readers to contribute content as well.

Delicious serves as an online social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share Web pages from a centralized source. With emphasis on the power of the community, Delicious allows users to ultimately share and save information on the Internet.

Changing the way people consume content online, Digg.com allows users to determine the value of content and to share this content from anywhere on the Web. The mission of Digg is to promote conversation and provide tools for online users to discuss and share online content.

ePluribus Media
http://www.epluribusmedia.org ePluribus Media, working as a non-partisan organization, is a cooperative of citizen volunteers dedicated to researching issues of common concern and encouraging the highest standards of ethics and journalism. Included on the Web site are the incorporation public papers, ethics standards and a collection of citizen blogs.

J-Lab – The Institute for Interactive Journalism
J-Lab is an incubator for innovative news experiments that use new technologies to help people actively engage in critical public issues. Its core mission is to improve public life by transforming journalism for today and re-inventing it for tomorrow. J-Lab spotlights dynamic news experiences and helps to develop interactive news ideas that not only educate people about public affairs but also invite their participation.

MediaShift tracks how weblogs, podcasting, citizen journalism, wikis, news aggregators and online video are changing the media world. The Web site includes commentary and reporting to tell stories of how the shifting media landscape is changing the way news and information is consumed, while also providing a place for public participation and feedback.

Online News Association
The association is composed largely of journalists whose principal livelihood involves gathering or producing news for digital presentation. ONA is a leader in the rapidly changing world of journalism; a catalyst for innovation in story-telling across all platforms; a resource for journalists seeking guidance and growth, and a champion of best practices through training, awards and community outreach. ONA offers discounts on training, seminars and regional and national events to its members.

Online Journalism Blog
The U.K.-based Online Journalism Blog publishes comments and analyzes developments in online journalism and news. Topics of interest include citizen journalism, blogging, video blogging, podcasting, interactive storytelling, online communities and social media.

Project: Report
In partnership with the Pulitzer Center, YouTube presents Project: Report, a journalism contest intended for nonprofessional, aspiring journalists to tell stories that might not otherwise be told. The contest encourages reporters to utilize multimedia while producing a piece that tells the story of an underrepresented community.

Spot.Us is a nonprofit project of the Center for Media Change and funded various groups, including the Knight Foundation. As an open source project, Spot.Us allows the public to commission journalists to do investigations on important and perhaps overlooked stories. All donations are tax-deductible and if a news organization buys exclusive rights to the content, donations will be reimbursed. This marketplace has allowed independent reporters, community members and news organizations to collaborate on journalism.

Teaching Online Journalism
Mindy McAdams’ blog Teaching Online Journalism includes notes from the classroom and observations about today’s practice of online journalism. McAdams teaches university courses about online journalism and the changing ways technologies are used for communication.

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