A Year Later, Suge Knight is in Jail and Brian Williams is Off the Air

When Suge Knight, on behalf of talk show host Arsenio Hall, demanded in February of 2014 an apology from Brian Williams, no one could have guessed how dramatically things were going to veer from there. Not to mention coincidentally.

On January 29, 2015, Suge Knight was involved in a fatal hit-and-run in Los Angeles and is now charged with murder. On that very same day in New York, Brian Williams took U.S. military veteran Tim Terpak to a Rangers hockey game at Madison Square Garden; his report about this excursion the following day on NBC Nightly News was quickly assailed on Facebook, punging the newsman and his network into the current dead-end crisis.

When Knight went off-script that night for Hall, he framed Williams vs. Hall as being like an east coast-west coast rap rivalry. The item for which Williams went on to apologize for then, the night after Hall and Knight’s monologue riff, was related to the debut of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon, as we all know, is now on the east coast as well. In the days of Jay Leno, several people famously went on the show to try and reclaim respect: Hugh Grant, Kanye West. And in the short time that Fallon has been on the air, Jonah Hill appeared in a somewhat similar fashion, to apologize for a gay slur hurled at the paparazzi.

Will Williams go on Fallon next week, to frame some sort of return to the NBC airwaves? Hard to tell right now. But one thing’s for sure; we’ve seen the last of those spliced rap videos.

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