All About That Laptop Song List

It’s a long way from Nolensville, Tennessee to Los Angeles, CA. But as Dave Paulson, an entertainment and music reporter for The Tennessean breezily reminds, that’s the captivating story behind Meghan Trainor‘s gargantuan hit song \»All About That Bass,\» competing Sunday in the Grammy categories of Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

Here’s how Paulson delightfully starts out his article:

If you ever visit Kevin Kadish‘s recording studio, you’ll be greeted by his neighbors, but they won’t say much. They’re cows.

The producer and songwriter lives and works out of his country home — built in 1880 — on a backroad in Nolensville, and he’s surrounded on three sides by a 100-acre Angus farm. He converted the stand-alone garage into a full-fledged studio and soundproofed it to stop any “moos” from getting into the mix.

Kadish revisits how Trainor spied \»All Bass, No Treble\» on his laptop list of potential song titles and put together the song, with a little chorus help from the producer, in a matter of a few moo-minutes. Read the full piece here.

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