Today in Media History: Thumbs Up? In 1921 newspapers reviewed Charlie Chaplin’s movie, ‘The Kid’

Ninety four years ago, on February 6, 1921, Charlie Chaplin’s silent film “The Kid” was released around the country.

What did newspapers say about the movie?

Image-Film News-Oregon

Charlie Chaplin’s newest film, and a picture generally admitted to be his very best, is ‘The Kid,’ which is showing at the Liberty theatre this week.

Not content with presenting himself in the usual six reels of fun that compose ‘The Kid,’ Chaplin has brought to the screen Jackie Coogan, a child who shares equally with the comedy star the credit for the interest in this film play.

None so good as Jackie has been brought to filmland before, and, with Chaplin in his usual prominent role, the picture is a certain winner.”

— “Photo Plays”
The Oregon Daily Journal Sun, February 27, 1921

Here is a February 1921 review from The Atlanta Constitution:

Image-1921 ATC Review

On February 21, 1921, The Charlotte Observer writes:

“With the release of ‘The Kid,’ which will be the attraction at the Broadway theater for four days, opening today, the supporters of the theory that stories are the main perquisite of successful pictures receive entirely unlooked for aid, because ‘The Kid’ is as dramatic a story as has every been produced in a motion picture.”

This 1921 ad for the movie comes from the Fitchburg Daily Sentinel:

Image-1921 Ad -Fitchburg Daily Sentinel

With a little help from YouTube, the 53-minute long film is still entertaining audiences around the world.

Enjoy the movie:

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