RD Recap: Changes at Time Inc.; So Long to The Dish

Time Inc. restructures its communications division. Jaison Blair, currently vice president of investor relations, is the new senior vice president of investor relations and corporate communications. Time, Fortune and Money communications vice president Daniel Kile moves up to senior vice president of brand communications. Executive vice president of corporate communications Teri Everett and Nancy Valentino, senior vice president of communications and brand development, are out. Meanwhile, Matt Bean — last seen as editor-in-chief of Entertainment Weekly, a job he didn’t really want, where he lasted just a year — moves to senior vice president of editorial innovation, a fancy title for head of native advertising…

So long, farewell to The Dish. Andrew Sullivan’s team will stop publishing the site, announcing the news about a week after the head man said he was done writing for his creation. “The simple truth is: all three co-owners of the site, me, Patrick Appel and Chris Bodenner, have come to the conclusion that the practical, financial and editorial challenges of continuing on are simply too great for us to bear as we are, let alone without me,” he wrote in a post about the news… The Huffington Post installs Gabriel Arana as senior media editor. He had been a guest editor at The Nation… Twitter data editor Simon Rogers adds a job as Vox contributing editor to his slate… Read More

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