Observer Media Group No Longer Looking at Yue

YueSpring2012Crain’s New York reporter Cara S. Trager was unable to get Observer Media Group executives to comment. But according to her very reputable other sources (two Observer staffers, advertisers), the Winter 2014 issue of Yue magazine is the publication’s 13th unlucky final one.

From her report:

Yue was a joint venture between the Observer Media Group, whose holdings include the pink-sheet New York Observer, and China Happenings, a company that bills itself as a multimedia and consulting agency focusing on the lifestyle and culture of contemporary China. Chiu-Ti Jansen, who launched China Happenings, served as Yue‘s publisher and editor.

… According to a 2012 Women’s Wear Daily story, Yuereportedly had a controlled circulation of 35,000, including 8,500 copies that were mailed to Chinese residents in New York whose incomes surpassed $250,000. Other copies were dispatched to hotels, restaurants and business and cultural venues that attract Chinese travelers.

Launched in the fall of 2011, the bilingual publication’s cover subjects have included Elementary star Lucy Liu, Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang and male model Zhao Lei.

[Image via: yuemagazine.com]

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1zpMusf



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