Teri Everett leaves Time Inc. in communications shakeup

Teri Everett, Time Inc.’s executive vice president of corporate communications, is leaving the company in a restructuring of its communications structure, according to an announcement from CEO Joe Ripp and executive vice president Evelyn Webster Thursday.

In a move that consolidates the company’s communications team, Jaison Blair, vice president of investor relations, will become a senior vice president in charge of corporate communications. The company is eliminating Everett’s job:

With this consolidation of functions, we are eliminating the role of EVP, Corporate Communications, and as a result, Teri Everett will be leaving the company. Teri has done a terrific job over the past three years leading our corporate communications efforts and was instrumental in managing the company’s public profile during the spin-off from Time Warner.

Nancy Valentino, senior vice president of communications and brand development at Time Inc., is also leaving the company. Susan Parkes, senior vice president of marketing, will oversee “communications efforts for PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly.”

Here’s the memo:


Over the past year, we have been fundamentally re-engineering the business and re-imagining our company for its next chapter of growth.

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