Pilot of Brian Williams’ helicopter in Iraq: ‘We took small arms fire’

Brian Williams gained some support Thursday from the pilot of the Chinook helicopter that Williams was aboard during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

CNN, landed an exclusive interview with retired Chief Warrant Officer 4, U.S. Army Rich Krell, who told CNN he was piloting Williams’ chopper.

Krell provided key details that may explain inconsistencies in what Williams reported and what soldiers said actually happened. In short, Krell said the chopper Williams was on was hit by gunfire, that Williams was near the chopper hit by a rocket propelled grenade and that Williams had good reason to be concerned for his safety.

Krell spoke by phone to CNN’s Jake Tapper Thursday afternoon. I’ve paraphrased Tapper’s questions and answers with Krell to give you the gist. Here are the important parts, all of which boost Williams’ version of what happened:

Was the chopper that Williams was in hit by gunfire?
Krell said, “We took small arms fire, all I know is one RPG was fired and it struck the lead aircraft which was what we call six rotor discs in front of me.” Krell also said that Williams, “Would have been aware of it because of the activity of the crew, the door gunners were returning fire.”

So Williams’ chopper was hit, as he claimed several times? Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/16wEBWk



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