The Dish’s last day is Friday

The Dish

Friday will be the “last day of Dishing” for The Dish, according to a post on the site Wednesday:

I know this is a brutal decision and I can tell you in all candor how deeply painful it has been for us. Each of us has given our all to this adventure; it has dominated our lives for years; it has been a source of enormous joy and satisfaction as well as profound strain and anxiety. We are as addicted to it as you are, and withdrawal will be really tough. But we’ve made the call that there is a time for everything, and that the Dish will and should live on as a pioneering fifteen-year experiment at the dawn of the new media age. We feel we’ve left behind a model of what an online community can truly be, what a site uncontaminated with p.r. can achieve, and how it’s possible for less than ten people to corral a million people a month and 30,000 paying subscribers into a conversation without end.

The Daily Dish, which was founded in 2000 by Andrew Sullivan, has persisted in various incarnations in the years since. According to the site’s about page, the blog was hosted by both Time and The Atlantic before it was transformed in 2011 to an opinion and news aggregator.

Sullivan announced on Jan. 31 that he had “decided to stop blogging” for the near future. The news ricocheted around the social Web, prompting a tribute from BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith, who called Sullivan “one of the first, and last, great bloggers.”

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