Eight-Year-Old Blogger Documents ‘One Kid’s Life’

Although there are many downsides to the digitally lowered barriers-of-entry into journalism, Kenzie Padilla is not one of them. The Grade 3 student, fresh from her first first panel discussion last fall, has kicked off another active year of blogging with posts about a recent visit to Cornell and other matters.

While at Cornell, she watched her dad compete, impressively, in a one-mile track meet. As it so happens, blogging also runs in the family. From her bio:

My mom has a blog called Classy Mommy and gets invited on a lot of trips. I love to travel. I’ve been in my mom’s videos since I was nine months old. I’ve helped mom with her blog so much that I wanted my own.

I’ve wanted a blog since I was two and when mom changed her blog from pink to blue. I wanted a pink blog sooooooooo badly!! Finally, my dad made me one. ( As you can see, my blog is pink.)

When Steve Harvey took his show to Universal Studios Florida last fall, it was young Kenzie who talked him through the Harry Potter attraction. And when Parade magazine wrote last year about kids that inspire them, she was at the top of the honor roll.

P.S. If all listicles were as charming as Williams recent \»Top 11 Reasons Why I Love Christmas!, we’d have a much higher tolerance for them.

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