Condé Nast’s First Film to Start Production

Condé Nast Entertainment’s first feature film — Army of One — is set to start production in a few weeks. The company has been aggressively trying to find new sources of revenue, and they hit the jackpot with creating movies based on articles published in Condé titles.

Bob Sauerberg, Condé’s president, told The New York Post that CNE is “a home run” and added “We were always in the entertainment business — we just never participated [financially].”

CNE’s Army of One is (unfortunately) not a reboot of the 1993 action film by the same name starring an out-for-revenge Dolph Lundgren.

The upcoming Army of One is based on a GQ article that followed the odd tale of Gary Faulkner, a man who promised to single-handedly hunt down and capture Osama bin Laden. Nicholas Cage is starring as Faulkner, so yes, this will be almost as good as the Lundgren film.

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