Career Beat: Kat Stoeffel named deputy ideas editor at BuzzFeed

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • Kat Stoeffel has been named deputy ideas editor at BuzzFeed. Previously, she was associate editor at The Cut. (@doreeshafrir)
  • Diane Harris is now editor of Money. Previously, she was executive editor there. (Poynter)
  • Steven Sears is now chairman of the Red and Black board of directors. He is a senior editor and columnist with Barron’s. (Email)
  • Gilbert Cruz is now television editor at The New York Times. Previously, he was editorial director at Vulture.com. (Poynter)
  • Mohana Ravindranath is now a staff correspondent at Nextgov. Previously, she was a reporter at The Washington Post. (Email)
  • Rebecca Santana is now deep south correspondent at The Associated Press. Previously, she was Pakistan bureau chief there. (AP)

Job of the day: The Riverside Press-Enterprise is hiring a breaking news reporter. Get your résumés in! (Journalism Jobs)

Send Ben your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org

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