The good news is a lot of people on Twitter know what a smallpox vaccine scar looks like

Good morning. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. Oh Don Lemon

    «My #measles shot scar from childhood. Do we still need it? Doctor answers on @CnnTonight 10pET. Use #VaccineQs» (@donlemon) | «#VaccineQs: Why Does Don Lemon’s Measles Scar Look Like a Smallpox Scar?» (Gawker) | «That’s a smallpox scar. The disease is eradicated.» (@thegrandfinalle) | «Smallpox. He means smallpox.» (@jauntingjourno) | «@donlemon I think that is your small pox vaccine scar I don’t think measles vax leaves a scar cc @RamCNN #JustTryingToHelp» (@Steven_Strauss) | «@Steven_Strauss @donlemon Chicken pox?» (@RamCNN)

  2. Mohamed Fahmy could be free soon

    The Canadian-Egpytian journalist who has been in prison for more than 400 days renounced his Egyptian citizenship, making it possible for him to be deported. His Al Jazeera colleague Peter Greste was freed over the weekend. Colleague Baher Mohamed, who is Egyptian, remains in prison. (The Guardian)

  3. ‘Did Native students stand for National Anthem?’

    Rapid City (South Dakota) Journal ran that headline on Saturday with a story about racist remarks shouted at kids from Pine Ridge Reservation. On Monday, the Native American Journalists Association noted several reasons the headline was upsetting. «The headline fell short of the standards of responsible journalism, as it indirectly suggested that elementary and middle school students could have been responsible for prompting the harassment.» The Rapid City Journal’s executive editor responded, noting the paper’s long commitment to «bridge gaps and not deepen them…» (NAJA) | On Monday afternoon, Bart Pfankuch, the paper’s executive editor, wrote a column apologizing for the headline. (Rapid City Journal)

  4. TNR offers 16 weeks paid maternity and paternity leave

    Rebecca Traister looks at the many issues facing women who have jobs and children, including maternity leave. She stayed at The New Republic during the recent exodus. «There were several reasons that I was not inclined to quit my job, but among them was the fact of my upcoming leave.» At that time, TNR employees got eight weeks paid leave. Now, men and women at TNR get 16 weeks of paid leave. (The New Republic)

  5. Paying for investigative journalism

    News organizations around the world are finding ways to fund investigative journalism. In Germany, Krautreporter has successfully used crowdfunding. South Africa’s AmaBhugane (which means dung beetles) is supported by donors and the Mail and Guardian. (WAN-IFRA)

  6. Some new faces and voices at Poynter

    Melody Kramer and Ed Sherman begin weekly columns for Poynter this week. Kramer will write about «projects and people that are leading the charge in digital journalism.» Sherman will cover «the pressing news, issues, trends and challenges in sports journalism.” (Poynter) | Here’s Kramer’s first column, on WNYC’s Bored and Brilliant. (Poynter)

  7. Diane Sawyer got the Bruce Jenner interview

    It should air in May. (Page Six) | Previously: «Here’s Everything You Need to Know About What’s Going on With Bruce Jenner in One Sentence.» (The Huffington Post)

  8. Don’t. Shush. Grown ups.

    On CNBC Monday, Sen. Rand Paul shushed anchor Kelly Evans on air. He also explained what bipartisan means in the voice I use with my 4-year-old. And how journalism should actually work. Evans handled the whole exchange like an adult, by the way. (Talking Points Memo)

  9. Front page of the day, selected by Seth Liss

    From The Clarion-Ledger, a front devoted to Malcolm Butler. (Courtesy the Newseum)


  10. Job moves, edited by Benjamin Mullin

    Ariel Foxman is now editorial director of InStyle and StyleWatch. Previously, he was editor-in-chief of InStyle. (Time Inc.) | Mark Josephson is now vice president and publisher of Midwest Living. Previously, he was chief sales officer at Readers Digest Association. (Email) | Pam Coulter is now White House correspondent at CBS Radio News. Previously, she was a correspondent there. (Fishbowl DC) | Rachel Israel is now executive vice president at Guardian Labs. Previously, she was executive director of strategic planning at Mindshare. (The Guardian) | Job of the day: Politico is looking for a technology editor. Get your résumés in! (Journalism Jobs) | Send Ben your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org.

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