Sun-Times lays off 2 video producers in reorganization

The Chicago Sun-Times laid off two of its video staffers Tuesday, a spokesman for parent company Wraports LLC tells Poynter:

Two video producers have been laid off as part of our reorganization after the sale of suburban titles to the Tribune. We will continue to produce video content and continue to focus on building the Sun Times Network and reinvesting in the iconic Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper.

In a separate statement to Poynter, the spokesperson said that “several staff are still engaged in video production,” and that the Sun-Times uses “outside resources for certain projects.”

The layoffs come more than a year after the Sun-Times laid off its entire photojournalism staff, citing the need to produce more video content with its news.

In October, Wrapports LLC confirmed it would sell 38 suburban newspapers to Tribune Publishing, a spinoff from the Tribune Company.

Shortly after, the company announced it would create a network of aggregated community sites in the mold of BuzzFeed and Deadspin for communities throughout the U.S., including Washington, D.C. and Tampa.

Earlier in the day, staffers from The Sun-Times and the Chicago Reader tweeted out the news:

One of the video producers, Peter Holderness, sent out a farewell Tuesday afternoon.

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from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1LJo1mJ



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