Sports and technology columnists join Poynter.org

columnistsTwo new columnists will be writing for Poynter.org starting this week. On Tuesdays, look for a column about journalism innovation written by Melody Kramer, a former digital strategist for National Public Radio. On Thursdays, Ed Sherman, a veteran reporter from Chicago, will write about sports journalism.

Kramer spent most of her career in public media, where she directed, produced, edited, and wrote for several shows such as “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” and “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross. As a digital strategist at NPR, she launched and directed projects that helped NPR build audiences online and on-air. She is a 2014-2015 visiting Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, where she is working on new ways to think about public media membership. Kramer blogs at www.melodyjk.com, codes in Python, and tweets @mkramer.

For Poynter, Kramer plans to examine projects and people that are leading the charge in digital journalism.

Sherman wrote for the Chicago Tribune for 27 covering the 1985 Bears Super Bowl season, the White Sox, college football, golf and sports media. Sherman also penned a sports business blog for Crain’s Chicago Business and currently blogs at ShermanReport.com, as well as writing for the Chicago Tribune and the National Sports Journalism Center at Indiana University.

Sherman said his Poynter columns will “examine the pressing news, issues, trends and challenges in sports journalism.” He also plans to tell the stories of top editors, reporters and outlets in sports media.

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