RD Recap: Matt Bean’s New Role; NYT Seeks Digital Chief

Time Inc. transitions Matt Bean into a corporate role. He had been editor of Entertainment Weekly. Henry Goldblatt replaces the former head honcho of the Sports Illustrated website. It’s a surprising move, considering Bean has only been in the job for a year. Then again, it was a surprise when he got the position, so perhaps he had a shorter leash than some others might… Popular Science poaches Men’s Journal contributing editor Kevin Gray to be articles editor. He previously held positions at Condé Nast Portfolio and Details

The New York Times is struggling to fill the job at the head of its digital investments. Erik Huggers, a 41-year-old former BBC executive, recently turned down the position. He worked with New York Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson at the British broadcaster… The Guardian hires Rachel Israel as executive vice president of Guardian Labs, U.S. In the position, the former Mindshare executive director will oversee the paper’s efforts to expand its branded content business in America… Read More

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