The Super Bowl in 9 editorial cartoons

Leading up to the Super Bowl and shortly afterwords, editorial cartoonists dissected the big game, skewering journalistic groupthink, Deflategate and distribution of political power.

Here are nine cartoons, republished here with the permission of the cartoonists or from embeds of their tweets. The Washington Post also has a collection if you’re looking for more.

John Cole, “Flag on the wordplay!”

David Fitzsimmons, “Stupor Bowl”

Nate Beeler, “Super Bowl XLIX”

Bob Englehart, “Hyper Bowl”

Rob Rogers, “Democracy Football”

Rob Tornoe, “Who’s really to blame for Deflategate controversy?”

Adam Zyglis, “Deflated”

Gary Varvel, “Patriots answer deflate-gate questions”

Rick McKee, “Fantasy Football”

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from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1EAzVNR



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