The New New Republic is Here

The New Republic — which suffered a mass staff exodus because many editors and writers didn’t agree with the vision of owner Chris Hughes and CEO Guy Vidra — is back. The first issue under the guidance of new editor Gabriel Snyder hits newsstands today, and it is important.

The New York Times covered TNR’s re-debut, and even took this very serious photo of Vidra and Snyder:


Whoa guys! You work at a magazine that lost some staff and then hired new staff. And your dramatic story of triumphing over that tragedy was covered by the Times! Let’s see a smile!

The new TNR features articles on climate change, maternity, climate change and the president of Uruguay. Under Snyder, each issue will be centered on a “fixation” — one major subject with several smaller offshoots.

Vidra said that he has a three-year plan for TNR. It will target “an emerging generation of leaders” who are “urban, educated, affluent and diverse.” Staffers who left TNR will be excluded, of course.

(Image: Chad Batka/The New York Times)

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