Reporter Had Front-Row Seat for 1981 Patriots Scandal

PatriotsLogo1981That’s because Daniel Guss, now writing for the LA Times, was in high school at the time and worked the Patriots home games. From his weekend piece:

The Patriots played in a place named for a low-rent beer, Schaefer Stadium, a dump with zero amenities that cost only $7 million to build in 1970 (or about $41 million in 2015 money). And it was cold. Very cold. I remember this because I worked there in high school, peddling merchandise adorned with the Patriots’ then-hideous logo (pictured), and always sold more of the opponents’ gear.

If you’ve forgotten or never heard about the \»snow plow\» incident that occurred at a critical juncture in the fourth quarter of the Patriots’ December 12 home game against the Miami Dolphins, click and enjoy. And as you read Guss’ recollections, try to imagine how what today’s social media blizzard would have been like.

The prison background of the snow plow driver… The fit thrown by Dolphins coach Don Shula… The media mislabeling the Schaefer sweeper vehicle as a \»snow plow\»… The subsequent NFL rule change… There would have been a gazillion and one #SnowPlowGate tweets tied to the Dolphins’ 23-yard line and a sneaky move that was instrumental to the final score.

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