Peter Greste is free. Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy are not.

Good morning. Here are nine media stories.

  1. 1 of 3 Al Jazeera journalists have been freed from Egypt

    Peter Greste, who was imprisoned in Egypt for 400 days, has been freed. Mohamed Fahmy, the Cairo bureau chief, and Baher Mohamed, a producer, are still in prison. The three were arrested at the same time and convicted of working with the Muslim Brotherhood. (Al Jazeera) | In January, a retrial was ordered for the three journalists. Both Greste and Fahmy applied for deportation. (Sydney Morning Herald) | «While the release of Greste is likely to be widely applauded, Egypt continues to hold thousands of other prisoners that human rights groups say have not received a fair trial and should be considered as political prisoners.» (Christian Science Monitor) | Fahmy, who is Canadian-Egyptian, is also expected to be released. (CBC) | Reported.ly has a Storify of the weekend’s unfolding story. (Storify)

  2. ‘Kenji lives on — in all our hearts. In our daily work.’

    Video appearing to show the beheading of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto was released Saturday. He was held by the Islamic State. (CNN) | In Japan and through social media, people are sharing their memories of Goto. (Yahoo News) | «I am Kenji» is a Facebook page set up shortly after news of his capture was first announced. (Facebook)

  3. Jason Rezaian set to face tough judge

    Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post reporter currently jailed in Iran, will face trial with judge Abolghassem Salavati. «As the lead judge in charge of Revolutionary Court Branch 15 in Tehran, he was called the ‘judge of death’ and ‘the hanging judge’…» (The New York Times) | On Sunday, Rezaian’s family released a statement about the news. (The Washington Post)

  4. A project to preserve ‘born digital’ content

    Knight News Challenge has given a $35,000 grant to the University of Missouri Libraries and the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute to come up with a model to make sure «born-digital content» doesn’t disappear. (RJI)

  5. ‘Your $’ is a new financial mag for kids

    Time Inc. has launched a new magazine to teach kids financial literacy. It’s called «Your $.» (The New York Times)

  6. TrollBusters takes top prize at IWMF hackathon

    A tool to help women in the media deal with trolls won the top prize at the IWMF’s hackathon over the weekend. (All Digitocracy) | «What We Offer – S.O.S. Team: Countering cyberattacks in real-time with online community support and positive messaging. RAID: Finding and outing trolls online and tracking where they operate using network analysis technologies. SUPPORT: Providing technical, legal services and psychological services; resources for publishers under denial of service attacks.» (Slideshare)

  7. Now this is a great obit

    From Friday, The New York Times’ obituary for crossword puzzle contributor Bernice Gordon is clever and touching, with a few places to fill in the blanks (literally.) (The New York Times) | Also on Friday, author Colleen McCullough’s obit in The Australian was not great. (Poynter)

  8. Front pages of the day, selected by Seth Liss

    From the Super Bowl, a front page from The Seattle Times and one from The Boston Globe. (Courtesy the Newseum)



  9. Job moves, edited by Benjamin Mullin

    Ben Adair is now head of content at Detour. Previously, he co-founded «Reveal.» (Medium) | Tim Tunison is now news director for WBAL in Baltimore. Previously, he was assistant news director there. Bill Cummings is now news director for KFSM in Fort Smith. Previously, he was news director for WICU/WSEE in Erie, Pennsylvania. Bari Soash is now news director for WALB in Albany, Georgia. Previously, she was executive producer for WTOL in Toledo. Josh White is now news director for KAIT in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Previously, he was assistant news director at WFIE in Evansville, Indiana. (Rick Gevers) | Tracy Alloway will be executive editor at Bloomberg Markets. She is a U.S. financial correspondent for Financial Times. (Politico) | The New York Daily News is looking for a politics reporter. Get your résumés in! (Journalism Jobs) | Send Ben your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org.

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