Peter Greste: ‘I feel incredible angst about my colleagues, leaving them behind’

Al Jazeera

In his first interview since being released from Egyptian prison, Al Jazeera’s Peter Greste spoke with the network about his colleagues, Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy, who are still in prison.

“I feel incredible angst about my colleagues, leaving them behind”, Greste said on Monday.

“Amidst all this relief, I still feel a sense of concern and worry. If it’s appropriate for me to be free, it’s right for all of them to be freed,” he insisted.

Greste, who spent 400 days in jail and was convicted of assisting the Muslim Brotherhood, didn’t expect to be released over the weekend.

“I went for a run and the prison warden called me over and told me it’s time to pack your stuff. He told me the embassy is coming.”

“There was a mix of emotion boiling inside. Sense of relief and excitement, but a stress of having to say goodbye to my colleagues.”

Al Jazeera English tweeted Greste’s first interview, which is just under eight minutes.

On Monday, this photo led freepetergreste.org.

Screen shot from freepetergreste.org

Screen shot from freepetergreste.org

Reported.ly also has this Storify on social media posts about Greste’s release.

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