Readers Mock National Geographic Ranking of Top Nightlife Cities

NatGeoNightlifeTopThreeThe book came out last fall. And from it, this week, National Geographic shared the world’s “Top 10 Nightlife Cities.”

The only American destination on the list is Houston, at #8, beating out a number of other seemingly more logical U.S.A. candidates. Internationally, it’s the same; the magazine has tackled an impossible task and made it worse. For example, many are criticizing the fact that for the brief blurb about number one party city Dublin, the magazine highlights a tourist-trap bar. On the National Geographic Facebook page, the negative comments outweigh the positive by a ratio of about 10-to-1. Here are just a few relating to the American entry:

Alan Foster: I’m from Texas. Houston really must have been drunk before you got there.

Bill Hanna: Houston before Bangkok? Is this a joke?

Joe Garrick: Houston over New Orleans or Vegas? This is bupkis.

Jackie L. Taylor: Houston? Really?

Jim Hoffman: Houston????

Houston FOX-TV reporter Ashley Johnson hit the streets to report on the ranking, one which had her news desk co-anchor Chris Stipes somewhat stunned. Hilariously, her report was done in broad daylight. And extra deadpan points to the afternoon businessman reveler who told the reporter: “Oh, it’s dynamic. We’ve got oil and gas, we’ve got oil and gas, and we’ve got oil and gas.”

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston

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