Video news app Watchup partners with SB Nation

Watchup added SB Nation to its list of channels Friday, making the sports site the third Vox Media property to partner with the video app.

The channel, which is already live on Watchup, features a Super Bowl preview edition of “Uffsides,” SB Nation’s weekly NFL podcast and a video explaining why Arizona is a good fit for the Super Bowl.

Watchup, a free app that aims to be “Hulu for news junkies,” has gained momentum among news outlets since it won a 2012 Knight News Challenge grant. Early last year, CEO Adriano Farano announced a partnership with The Washington Post to display its video content. And earlier this month, the app began running content from Vox.com, The Verge, Fusion and AJ+.

In November, the app raised $2.75 million from investors including Tribune Media and The McClatchy Company.

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from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1vfmcZZ



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