A West Coast Version of Girls

Starting this weekend, LA will be spitting out its own version of girls. To HBO and Brian Williams’ daughter Allison, it is answering with Snapchat and Steven Spielberg’s daughter Sasha.

From a report by our sister site The Hollywood Reporter:

Literally Can’t Even comes from writers Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn, the daughters of Steven Spielberg and John Goldwyn, respectively.

The series stars the friends and writing partners as comedic versions of themselves — Spielberg recently single after a long relationship and Goldwyn embarking on a six-month cleanse — and follows them on a series of misadventures in Los Angeles.

The series debuts tomorrow, january 31, with each episode clocking in at a lot less than a Girls chapter. Under five minutes.
[Pictured, left to right, courtesy Snapchat: Goldwyn, Spielberg and Rylee Ebsen]

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1yMdi0C



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