NPR is launching a new innovation lab

NPR is hiring for a new initiative called Storytelling Lab, a sort of skunkworks to test out ideas for creative audio projects, Chris Turpin, acting senior vice president for news, and Loren Mayor, chief operating officer, announced in a staff memo Wednesday.

Also in the same announcement, John Stefany was named director of strategic projects, in charge of developing and managing “a range of projects across the newsroom.” Stefany, who is currently manager of new content projects, will coordinate with NPR’s digital divisions to improve coordination around the organization’s biggest initiatives.

Stefany will also help develop Storytelling Lab, a forthcoming innovation incubator for experimental content, Turpin told Poynter. The lab, which is currently looking for a senior producer, will be a place for NPR employees to test out ideas for new podcasts, newsmagazine segments or better ways to use the outlet’s digital presence. Employees will pitch their their ideas to a panel, which will determine whether it gets sent to the lab for two weeks of tinkering to develop a proof-of-concept. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/15YJ2K7



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