From Romania with Corrections

This is one of the more unusual notations at the bottom of an article crediting additional contributions:

HuffPost software engineer Dan Fratean, who translated Chivu’s Facebook posts, contributed to this report.

The Facebook posts in question, by 25-year-old model Loredana Chivu, are in Romanian. With Fratean’s help, colleague Hilary Hanson is calling out the New York Daily News, Daily Mail and Daily Mirror for getting the story completely wrong. From the Bing translation of a message posted by Chivu earlier today:

It’s the first time in my life when I feel the need to comment on articles in the newspapers. Unfortunately the media in Italy, Spain and England published an article that is totally false…

Dad died February 27, 2008. My appearance in Playboy was in June 2009. Dad loved me enormously and never in my life have I disappointed him!

In other words, the timeline fails to support the sensational narrative that dad took his own life because of his shame over her nude pics.

P.S. The byline for the NYDN pick-up also caught our eye. It reads Cen and when we clicked to find out more about the one-name author, there was only this item and no bio information.
[Cropped cover of Chivu on the June 2009 Romanian cover courtesy: Playboy]

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/15LZo85



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