The Guardian Debuts New Site


After more than a year spent tinkering with a new site, the new TheGuardian.com is live. The site features responsive design, a customizable homepage, and an easier-to-read article page.

The Guardian takes a different approach to comments than most media companies — specifically, the editors not only allow them, they celebrate them. That strategy continues with the new site. Readers have the option of making comment threads more prominent, and Guardian editor-selected “Featured Comments” are highlighted throughout articles.

After some backend construction, the new site was rolled out to a select few Guardian readers early last year. Those readers then submitted over 130,000 pieces of feedback to the Guardian’s team, led by director of digital strategy Wolfgang Blau. The hard work has paid off. The new TheGuardian.com is a great improvement over the previous version.

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1BoijP0



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