Nick Denton Remains ‘Bullish’ on Media Sector

And why shouldn’t he be? The Gawker Media founder tells Capital New York that on 2014 net revenues of $45 million, his company banked a profit of $6.7 million.

From Sterne’s piece:

Denton remains optimistic both about Gawker’s potential for growth and its ability to stay independent of outside investors.

“The tipping point has been reached. We are bullish, about the US economy, about the relentless march of the internet, and about our own position. I am with Marc Andreessen: I believe the media sector will be ten times its current size. It will subsume sectors such as retail, something we’re already seeing with growth in revenues from people shopping and subscribing through our sites,” he told Capital.

Denton is also getting ready to do some debt-financing. Read the rest of Peter Sterne’s interview-teaser item here.

[Image: Sergey Nevins/Shutterstock.com]

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