Indiana’s governor will hold a briefing today on that state-run news outlet

Good morning. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. Time for some gov-splaining

    Indiana Gov. Mike Pence plans to clear up all this confusion about whether he’s starting a state-run news agency or they’re just doing PR. Pence will hold a media briefing Wednesday morning. «Reports that this was intended to be a news agency, I think just represent an understandable misunderstanding based on some internal communications that I read about in the press.» (Indianapolis Star) | The Society of Professional Journalists will be watching. «It’s the Society’s position that the press is not free when elected officials serve as editor and publisher. SPJ will be monitoring Just IN moving forward.» (SPJ)

  2. It has been 29 years since Challenger exploded

    David Shedden writes about the news coverage of the space shuttle explosion from this day in 1986, with footage from CNN, CBS and NBC, as well as stories from major newspapers at the time. (Poynter) | Last week, Melody Kramer asked people on Twitter what news event they first remember. For many people who tweeted back, it was the Challenger explosion. (Storify)

  3. Tech moments from Juno

    In addition to lots of snow in New England, Juno offered an opportunity that many journalists and news outlets took — using some tools to tell stories. AdAge looked at how Snapchat’s new Discover partners covered the storm. (AdAge) | Bloomberg has a timelapse video from «The Snow Storm That Wasn’t». (Bloomberg) | Boston.com used the blizzard as the theme for an Instagram contest. (Boston.com) | That Yeti from Boston is on Twitter, btw. (@BostonYeti2015)

  4. 5 journalists have been killed in South Sudan

    Five journalists are among 11 dead in an ambush in South Sudan. Musa Mohamed, Adam Juma, Dalia Marko, Randa George and Boutros Martin worked for radio and TV outlets. They were returning from reporting on the families of another attack in South Sudan that happened the week before. (Committee to Protect Journalists)

  5. ‘You got it wrong, boy — uh, son.’

    Augusta County Supervisor Tracy Pyles complained to (Staunton, Virginia) News Leader reporter Calvin Trice about an article and called him «boy,» then «son.» Trice is black and 43 years old. «‘It came in the middle of a tirade against my report … that was expected,’ Trice said. ‘But when that word came up, that’s the only thing about that whole scenario that surprised me. That one word. It’s the first time it got uncomfortably personal.'» (News Leader)

  6. Leaking 101

    The Intercept has a handy guide on how to leak to The Intercept, with tips on what to do («Go to a public WiFi network») and what not to do («Don’t contact us from work.») (The Intercept) | Previously: «Ed Snowden taught me to smuggle secrets past incredible danger. Now I teach you.» (The Intercept)

  7. Does anyone actually say ‘following’ or ‘prior to?’

    Merrill Perlman writes about the words we often write in place of after and before. «‘Following dinner, he went hunting’ could mean he had gone hunting once he had finished his dinner, or he had gone hunting to look for his dinner.» (Columbia Journalism Review) | Related: «Words journalists write that no one ever says.» (Poynter)

  8. The BBC is now predicting the future

    In a timeline with notable moments in news, the BBC predicts that robots will start writing the news in 2021 and astronauts will set up a colony on Mars in 2027. (BBC)

  9. Front page of the day, selected by Seth Liss

    From the Portland Press Herald, where Juno actually delivered. (Courtesy the Newseum)


  10. Job moves, edited by Benjamin Mullin

    Amy Argetsinger will be an assignment editor in The Washington Post’s features section. Previously, she was a writer and editor on The Post’s pop-culture team. (Washington Post) | Tessa Muggeridge is now digital editor at The Washington Post’s universal desk. Previously, she was a morning producer there. (Washington Post) | Ken Doctor is now a media columnist at Capital New York. He is the Newsonomics columnist for Nieman Lab. (Email) | Job of the day: The Desert Sun is looking for an investigative coach and editor. Get your résumés in! (Journalism Jobs) | Send Ben your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org.

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