Dylan McDermott’s Runaway Tweet

In 2003, actor Dylan McDermott had a small, uncredited role in the Gene Hackman courtroom drama Runaway Jury. Last night, he was responsible for some Twitter drama involving his famous co-star.

All in all, it was a strange Tuesday for Hackman. At the beginning of the day, thanks to a mildly confusing Grantland think piece headline, various folks on Twitter were expressing their condolences over the actor’s passing. The headline says \»Living,\» but it also states \»Gone\» in the second part and that’s what had some folks confused.


Then came McDermott. When the actor tweeted last night – \»Rest in Peace Gene Hackman… One of the very greats\» – some (including this writer) figured he had been duped by the Grantland headline. But no, the current star of TV series Stalker was fooled by some plain old Twitter death hoaxing tied to an acceptance speech given at the 2015 Critics’ Choice Film Awards by Kevin Costner.

McDermott has since deleted the Hackman RIP tweet and replaced it with a clarification. Meanwhile, Hackman – who turns 85 on Friday – is not on Twitter. So he blissfully missed all the \»fun.\»

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