Condé Nast Buys Three Short Films

Condé Nast Entertainment has purchased three short films from the Sundance Film Festival. Each movie — Stop, The And, and Russian Roulette — will appear on CNE’s video hub The Scene.

Stop is a nine-minute film written and directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green. The movie is set in Red Hook, and follows a young student athlete who is stopped by cops while he is walking home.

The And — written and directed by Topaz Adizes — is actually a series of five short films. Each documents real-life couples.

Russian Roulette is written by Oli Fenton and directed by Ben Aston. The film follows the adventures of “Lucy,” who meets “a libidinous cosmonaut on Chatroulette.” Hey, stranger things have happened on that site.

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1tqOSxU



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