And the Month of February Goes to…

During an appearance last year on Inside the Actors Studio, Neil Patrick Harris handled an impromptu moment with the kind of ease and grace that will be no doubt in evidence several times on Oscar night. The actor had promised to say goodnight to his twin sons Gideon and Harper and, well, they just happened to dial into his iPhone during the taping of the March 27, 2014 How I Met Your Mother Bravo series episode.

Harris will soon be the answer to a killer trivia question for the James Lipton-hosted talk show: Name the actor who, within the space of 12 months, appeared twice on the program and also hosted the Oscars? As announced yesterday by Bravo, Harris will kick off the 21st season of the series Thursday February 12 with an individual sit-down.

Along with a magic trick or two, Harris during his return appearance told Lipton the following about the getting the AMPAS gig:

Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, who are the executive producers of the [Academy Awards] show, are friends of mine and I’ve known them for some time and had been kind of, um, bummed that I hadn’t been asked earlier [laughs]. But that’s how it works out… You don’t petition for that job.\»

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1LhZdlH


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