Questions and answers with The Washington Post’s lead environmental writer

Last week, The Washington Post kicked off its energy and environment section with a blog post by Chris Mooney, the section’s primary writer.

In it, he stressed the importance of thoughtful and comprehensive coverage of the environment. He talked to us about The Post’s plans for tackling the environmental beat, the current gaps in environmental coverage and getting through to climate change skeptics.

Broadly, how would you describe current state environmental journalism? Are news organizations investing in environmental coverage? Why or why not?

Mooney: I think you have a wide range of things happening. We are investing at The Post while others have cut back. Still, others have found ways to cover science and environmental topics without creating a specialized beat. I’m thrilled to have joined The Post and spearhead its deeper coverage of the environment.

As you noted in your blog post, climate change is an extremely polarizing issue for so many Americans. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/15Ft9Yj



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