Political reporters, by state, to follow

The Washington Post

The Washington’s Post’s Chris Cillizza shared a list of the country’s best political reporters, state by state, on Tuesday.

I did everything I could to keep this list to reporters for recognized news outlets rather than bloggers or folks with sketchy funding of their journalism to avoid fights. (Alabama, I am looking directly at you. If you want to follow either Cliff Sims or Bill Britt, do it. I genuinely do not care.)

Cillizza notes that the list is growing and suggestions are welcome. Here’s the full list.

Earlier this month, Politico’s Hadas Gold and Katie Glueck shared a list of political reporters to follow in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. And last year, Michael Wagner wrote for PBS Mediashift about nine things the best political reporters do “to give their audience a much more comprehensive and accurate picture of the state of the American experiment.”

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from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1CdbSDI



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