In response to missteps, Boston.com tweaks its editing approach

By any editor’s standards, Jan. 14 was a difficult day for the staff of Boston.com. The night before, the outlet published an article which wondered whether anyone would notice had House Speaker John Boehner been poisoned by a bartender.

The piece provoked serious fallout. Boehner spokesperson Michael Steel called it “insensitive and inappropriate,” and the blunder was reported widely in the national and regional press. Mike Sheehan, CEO of Boston.com’s parent company, sent Boehner’s office an apology. The writer was out of his job by Thursday.

So what happened? Before the furor subsided, the staff gathered to discuss Boston.com’s editorial policy.

“We had a meeting the day following the Boehner event where our editors reviewed with all of our writers what our process is from the time of conception of the story all the way through to its actually hitting the site,” said Corey Gottlieb, the outlet’s general manager. Read more

from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1H7AOja



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