Best headline of the blizzard: ‘There’s a Yeti on the Loose in Boston’

Good morning. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. #Blizzardof2015

    Best subhead of the blizzard so far: «OK, not really. It’s just a bored person in a costume trying to make the best of the blizzard-like conditions.» (Boston Magazine) | Lots of networks put staff up at hotels in NYC to make sure they could keep working. (Adweek) | Some of the news was helpful, including WNYC’s free embeds. (Tumblr) | NBC also offered embeds, but in the reporter-staying-with-a-family kind of way. (The Washington Post) | You can watch the whole thing all over again, too. (USA Today) | Mashable has a collection of blizzard Vines and photos. (Mashable) | And here’s a Vine of a funny Weather Channel moment I made myself. From Florida. I know. (Vine)

  2. What could go wrong with a state-run news outlet?

    Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence is starting a taxpayer-funded news agency. (Indianapolis Star) | The managing editor is Bill McCleery, a former Star reporter. (Romenesko)

  3. A crime story, told via Storify

    Reported.ly has Storified news (and context) about the death of Argentina’s Alberto Nisman. Nisman was a lead prosecutor on a 1994 terrorist attack. The first journalist to report his death has fled the country. (Storify)

  4. The Holocaust story that was buried on page 5

    On June 25, 1942, the U.K.’s The Daily Telegraph published a story of Nazi horrors in Poland. It was powerful and detailed and it ran on the second to last page of the paper. For Holocaust Memorial Day, the Telegraph reproduced the story online, and it told the story of how the piece came together and what happened next. (The Daily Telegraph)

  5. A 20-something is on the teen beat, and a teen is on the tech beat

    That makes perfect sense. Caroline Moss, who is 27, writes about tech and culture for Business Insider. It’s jokingly called the teen beat. «They’re just doing what comes naturally to them. It’s like observing an animal in the wild.» (Digiday) | William Turton, who is 17, is a tech reporter for The Daily Dot. «I think I missed the school dance when I went to D.C. for an event, but I probably wouldn’t have gone to the school dance anyway.» (Capital New York)

  6. Snapchat wants to help you discover news

    The company is supposed to announce a deal to feature videos from some major media companies, including CNN and Vice, through a «Discover» button. (New York Post) | Previously: Some news orgs, like The Washington Post, are already using Snapchat. (Poynter)

  7. ‘We are now creating your life story through the BBC News Archive.’

    BBC’s new site, Taster, has a tool called Your Story, that plugs in your birth date and interests and tells you about the news that has happened during your life. (Taster) | Taster launched on Monday and it will be a place where the BBC can try out new digital stuff. (The Hollywood Reporter)

  8. Apply yourself

    The deadline for residential, non-residential and institutional 2015-2016 Reynolds Fellowships is Feb. 1. (RJI) | The deadline for Nieman Fellowships for U.S. journalists is Jan. 31. (Nieman) | The Deadline for the ONA-Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media is Feb. 20. (Poynter) | PBS Mediashift also has a great roundup of digital media events that are coming up, including IRE/NICAR conference and SXSW Interactive. (Mediashift)

  9. Front page of the day

    From the New York Daily News, a snow day. (Courtesy the Newseum)


  10. Job moves, edited by Benjamin Mullin

    Julia Ioffe will be a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine. Previously, she was a senior editor of The New Republic. Jaime Fuller is joining New York magazine. She writes for The Fix blog at The Washington Post. Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig will be a staff writer at The New Republic. She is a Ph.D. student at Brown University. (Politico) | Betsy Andrews will be editor-at-large at Organic Life. Previously, she was an executive editor of Saveur magazine. Karen Shimizu will be a deputy editor at Organic Life. Previously, she was a senior editor at Saveur magazine. (Fishbowl NY) | Eric Engleman is now technology editor at Politico Pro’s Pro Technology. Previously, he was deputy editor there. Tony Romm is now a senior technology reporter at Politico Pro’s Pro Technology. Previously, he was a technology reporter there. (Email) | Job of the day: The Associated Press is looking for a photographer. Get your résumés in! (Journalism Jobs) | Send Ben your job moves: bmullin@poynter.org.

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