More Magazine Revamp Aims to Keep Things Fabulous

MoreSpring1997The cover of the Spring 1997 debut issue of More magazine heralded content for ‘Smart Women.’ Two decades later, the preferred moniker is ‘Fabulous.’

Per a Women’s Wear Daily report by Alexandra Steigrad, the February issue hitting newsstands Tuesday is part of a one-two 2015 redesign punch. A revamp of the website is to follow. From her piece:

“We are not a magazine for all women between the ages of 35 and 54,” publisher Jeannine Shao Collins said. \»We are a magazine for who we like to call ‘the fabulous women.’ We like to keep it to those women who are professional, managerial, with a really high income.”

The publisher said that income hovers around $110,000 a year, which is the highest average income of any women’s magazine.

The new and improved More, printed on better paper stock, gives EIC Lesley Jane Seymour some 20 more editorial pages to assign as well as a trio of new coverage areas: travel, hotels and food. In conjunction with the redesign, the annual subscription rate has been raised and the rate base, halved.

[Cover image courtesy: more.com]

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1uQbid5



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