Layoffs are Coming to AOL

If an incoming Snowmageddonocalypse isn’t enough to put you in a bad mood, here’s some more unfortunate news: Layoffs are coming to AOL. Recode reports that the company is restructuring its ad sales team, and everyone knows restructuring is just another word for cuts.

The changes are coming as a result of AOL using more programmatic advertising. Programmatic ads are exactly what they sound like — automated ad sales. The more programmatic ads are used, the less sales staffers are needed.

The new ad sales team will be led by Bob Lord, who currently serves as CEO of AOL’s Platforms unit. Jim Norton and Don Kennedy, head of global media sales and president of AOL advertiser platforms, respectively, will both report to Lord.

As for the rest of AOL’s ad sales team, it remains to be seen who will still be left standing after the dust settles. We’ll keep you updated.

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1EMmsj9



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