Today in Media History: Coverage of North Korea’s 1968 seizure of the USS Pueblo

On January 23, 1968, the U.S. navy ship Pueblo was seized during an intelligence mission off the coast of North Korea.

Eighty-two crew members were captured when North Korean planes and ships attacked the USS Pueblo. (One member of the crew was killed during the ambush.)

They were held prisoner for 11 months.

The Arizona Republic, January 24, 1968

The Arizona Republic, January 24, 1968

“In January 1968, Massie and 82 others, including Capt. Lloyd ‘Pete’ Bucher, steamed into the Sea of Japan on the Pueblo’s first mission: to gather electronic intelligence while stationed off the coast of the Soviet Union and North Korea. The ship was lightly armed with two large machine guns. The United States, at the time, was deep into the Cold War and fighting in Vietnam. It hadn’t been at war with North Korea in 15 years.

….Suddenly, North Korean gunboats appeared and began to circle the U.S. ship. North Korean jets streaked through the sky.

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from Poynter. http://ift.tt/15kubse



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