The Bon Appétit Fire Alarm Controversy

Bon Appétit staffers moved into their new offices at One World Trade Center this week. Little did they know the occasion would be marked by controversy.

Yesterday morning, the magazine’s executive editor, Christine Muhlke, tweeted that staff had set off 1 WTC’s fire alarm:

Despite this public observation, Bon Appétit’s editor Adam Rapoport told The New York Post that “It didn’t happen.” If that has you puzzled, the plot thickens even more: Muhlke has deleted her tweet and The Durst Organization, which owns 1 WTC, told New York that they just happened to be “testing” fire alarms yesterday.

Did Bon Appétit staffers set off the fire alarm or not? If so, why would Rapoport deny the event and what role is The Durst Organization playing in the cover up? If not, why would Muhlke make such a thing up? And did Rapoport tell Muhlke to delete her tweet? And who ordered the Code Red???

Please ponder these questions over the weekend.

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1t6M2xS


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