Student journalists celebrate paper’s 100th birthday with a new site and an old look

For months, they’ve thumbed through old newspapers. Some years are bound in blue and red books, some loose, “but they’re all kind of decrepit,” said Setareh Baig, editor-in-chief of FSView & Florida Flambeau at Florida State University.

On Friday, the independent student newspaper celebrates 100 years and the staff celebrates with a commemorative edition and a redesigned site. The 18-page issue begins with how the paper looked in 1915. The inside pages are devoted to the decades since the paper launched, with stories and images from those periods.

Gerald Ensley wrote about the two papers that are now one on Thursday for the Tallahassee Democrat, including the Florida Flambeau’s feminist and activist past.

Initially, the paper’s content was heavily controlled by faculty members. But after World War I, the women students began exercising their journalistic muscle. In the 1920s, the paper became a voice for women’s suffrage and feminism, it protested censorship and hypocrisy: One of its first controversies was questioning why some faculty members did not attend mandatory chapel services.

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