Michael Bloomberg Tried to Buy The NY Times

The media rumor that will never die has popped up once again; albeit with a slight twist. We’ve all read that Michael Bloomberg is interested in buying The New York Times plenty of times before. The new juicy info is that Bloomberg tried to buy the company, but Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger rebuffed him.

As with any rumor of this size, both sides deny this happened. A Times spokesperson told New York that Sulzberger “can’t remember the last time he spoke with Bloomberg,” which is complete bullshit, but still. And Bloomberg has brushed off the suggestion that he might one day purchase the Times.

Despite their constant denials, the buzz has remained the same for the last three years. New York even added this quote — via a “Bloomberg advisor” — to the latest edition of the rumor: “Mike has muttered a lot about the Times to a lot of people.”

This idea won’t die because it makes some sense. Bloomberg needs to fuel his massive ego, and buying the Times would be a sufficient meal. Also, the Times has a money problem, and Bloomberg’s deep pockets could solve it.

The reality is that we could still be talking about Bloomberg buying the Times years from now. No one seems to want to budge. Typically, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Perhaps this is just a really, really, really, slowly developing flame.

from FishbowlNY Feed http://ift.tt/1JhthM9


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