Las Vegas Review-Journal cuts comments

Good morning and happy Friday. Here are 10 media stories.

  1. Another end to comments, this time in Vegas

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal has temporarily cut comments «due to an increase in uncivil behavior and dialogue…» (Las Vegas Review-Journal) | The newspaper explained the move more in-depth on Medium. «The First Amendment protects us from, among other things, laws that abridge our freedom of speech. Nowhere does it require the media to provide you a platform for that speech, whether hateful or not.» (Medium)

  2. ‘…data is or data are?’

    On Thursday, The Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham, FiveThirtyEight’s Ritchie King and David Yanofsky of Quartz took part in a Reddit AMA on data visualization and journalism. They talked about how they got their jobs, the need to have a woman in the AMA the next time around, tools and the correct way to talk about data. Here’s King’s answer: «So ‘data are’ is correct, and I kind of like when people use it in conversation cause it has that weird, shocking elegance that only correct-but-infrequently-used grammar has.

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