Garrett Graff Named Editor of Politico Magazine

Garret Graff, the former editor-in-chief of Washingtonian, has been named editor of Politico Magazine. Graff was most recently a senior writer for Politico.

In a memo announcing the move, Susan Glasser, Politico’s editor, said Graff “shares our big vision for the magazine as a home for ambitious long form reporting and writing about the people, ideas and institutions driving American politics.”

In the same note, Glasser said Marc Caputo, most recently with The Miami Herald, will be joining the team to lead Politico’s Florida reporting. Also, new contributors to Politico Mag include Zachary KarabellMatt Latimer, Nancy Scola and Bill Scher.

Additionally, Emily Thorson will pen a column that will “explore groundbreaking political science research and why voters react the way they do.”

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