A Sexy Sundance Honor for Jason Sudeikis, Allison Brie

It’s that time of year again.

Starting tonight in Park City, it’s no longer all about the fake baby in American Sniper and the confounding decision by the makers of Selma to mangle LBJ’s civil rights role. Instead, it’s all about furiously juggling indie films, shuttle rides and parties.

At the top of critics’ \»Most Anticipated\» lists this year is Sleeping with Other People, in which SNL alum Jason Sudekis and co-star Allison Brie play a pair of recovering sex addicts. This according to a very handy scan of a dozen websites compiled by Mashable entertainment editor Josh Dickey:

It was the only film to be name-dropped by all 12 sites (Slashfilm and The Playlist made it an honorable mention, but no other film got 10 outright nominations). Comedies are here in force this year, and just over half of the 30 films that got at least three “anticipated” mentions fall into that category. “There’s a lot of comedy among the U.S. dramatic entries, which is not always the case,” festival director John Cooper told Mashabkle. \»Seven of the 15 in U.S. dramatic are comedies. It’s fun to see.”

On a much more serious note, the film rounding out Dickey’s list is The Hunting Ground, a feature documentary that examines campus rape culture. Heavily anticipated or not, there’s not doubt Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering‘s film is going to make major waves starting with tomorrow’s premiere.

[Photo: Featureflash/Shutterstock.com]

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