Wired reorganizes executive ranks

Wired announced Wednesday the hiring of Verge deputy editor David Pierce as a senior writer, part of an anticipated shakeup of the magazine’s senior leadership.

Pierce will be Wired’s primary personal technology writer, charged with “driving the conversation about the gear and services that are important in modern life,” according to a press release announcing his hire.

Wired also announced changes to its executive ranks, promoting deputy editor Robert Capps to head of editorial for the magazine. Mark McClusky, currently editor of Wired.com, will be head of operations, in charge of supervising the magazine’s shared services team.

In addition to those appointments, Editor-in-Chief Scott Dadich named two executive editors: Mark Robinson, currently features editor, and Joe Brown, currently deputy editor. Kathleen Vignos was named director of engineering, a job she had on an interim basis; Jason Tanz, an executive editor at Wired, will be an editor-at-large.

The changes to Wired’s leadership come months after parent company Condé Nast named Kim Kelleher as the magazine’s publisher, replacing Howard Mittman. In December, the magazine lost Mat Honan, one of its most prominent writers, who left to become BuzzFeed’s Silicon Valley bureau chief.

Brown’s appointment was forecasted at the end of last year, when Honan tweeted about his promotion ahead of the official announcement. In response, a Wired spokesman told Capital New York’s Peter Sterne that employees would be “promoted and shifted around” because of Honan’s departure.

Here’s the release:

WIRED editor in chief Scott Dadich announced today that David Pierce has been hired as senior writer. Pierce joins WIRED from The Verge, where he most recently served as deputy editor, leading the technology website’s day-to-day news coverage.

“David is one of the most unique and refreshing voices covering technology today,” said Dadich. “We are huge fans of his writing and couldn’t be more excited that he’s joining WIRED.”

At WIRED, Pierce will serve as the brand’s main voice on personal technology, driving the conversation about the gear and services that are important in modern life. He will write for the magazine and WIRED.com, as well as contribute to WIRED podcasts and video series. Pierce’s first day will be February 2.

Dadich also announced today several executive staff promotions: Robert Capps has been named head of editorial and will oversee edit content for all WIRED platforms, including the magazine, WIRED.com, and live events. He will help Dadich with staff development and setting the overall editorial vision, as well as bring in new ideas, writers, and projects. Additionally, Mark McClusky has been named head of operations and will oversee WIRED’s shared services team; Mark Robinson has been named executive editor and will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the magazine; Joe Brown has been named executive editor and is charged with running WIRED.com on a daily basis; and Jason Tanz has been named editor at large and will return to New York, where he will focus on writing for the magazine and serve as WIRED’s primary spokesperson for media opportunities.

Finally, Kathleen Vignos has been named director of engineering at WIRED and will oversee software development and technical operations for all digital platforms, including WIRED.com and all WIRED apps and mobile properties. Vignos previously served as interim director. Her appointment is effective immediately.

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