GLAAD Media Nominees Include Pair of Reports on LGBT Russia

Last year at this time, a great many magazine editors and TV producers were putting the finishing touches on Sochi Winter Olympics-timed pieces examining the very difficult life for Russia’s LGBT residents. This week, two of those efforts have been nominated for GLAAD Media Awards.

The first, \»Inside the Iron Closet: What It’s Like to Be Gay in Putin’s Russia, appeared in the February issue of GQ. The Outstanding Magazine Article nominee, by Jeff Sharlet, chronicles a pair of weeks spent in the country in the fall of 2013:

I wanted to see what ordinary LGBT life was like in a nation whose leaders have decided that “homosexualism” is a threat to its “sexual sovereignty,” that “genderless tolerance,” in Putin’s words, is a disease of the West that Russia will cure. The medicine is that of “traditional values,” a phrase, ironically, imported from the West, grafted onto a deeply conformist strain of nationalism. In Russia, that means silence and violence, censorship, and in its shadow, much worse.

The other Russian LGBT journalism nominee is the VICE video series Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia. It too was based on travels to the country ahead of last Winter’s Olympics and is nopminated for Outstanding Digital Journalism – Multimedia:

We take a ride in Moscow’s gay taxi service, hear about the rise of homophobic vigilante groups, and meet Yulia, who runs LGBT self-defense classes.

The awards will be presented in Los Angeles March 21. For a full list of the five personal blogs nominated and this year’s other GLAAD media honorees, click here.

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