BuzzFeed style guide: Avoid ‘listicle’

Early last year, BuzzFeed released its style bible for public use.

Since then, BuzzFeed editors have added more than 100 entries to the guide as they work out how best to refer to the Internet’s growing lexicon. Here’s a list of my favorite additions:

  1. listicle: avoid, use “list” instead
    This entry appeared within days of the style guide’s public release, according to the Internet Archive. One of the words most often associated with BuzzFeed content by writers outside the company is discouraged by those within it.
  2. Disney Princess
    All caps, both words. This appears to be a more recent entry, added sometime in late December. If you’re going to tell readers which Disney Princess they are, you better keep your style consistent.
  3. celebricat (for a celebrity feline)
    celebridog (for a celebrity canine)
    If you have no idea what these famous Internet animals are, BuzzFeed will explain the phenomena, and tell you which one you most represent.

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