Anti-long-form journalism PSA: ‘Watch a video’

In a YouTube video against long-form journalism, a woman reading her phone walks into a wall again and again.

“It’s like reading a book,” says another woman in the video, “but getting tricked into doing so.”

Derek Brown, an independent writer and video producer (he works in corporate communications, too,) created “Let’s End Long Form. Watch a Video.”

Here’s it is:

Brown, who writes about horse racing, is launching a web series called “Off the Rails” in March, which will be a comedy series “that happens to take place during major horse races around the world,” he told Poynter in an email. So yes, he has a good reason to want people to watch videos.

“I’ve never done long-form,” he said. “Mad respect to anyone who is putting in that kind of effort to something, but my attention span wanes around 400 words or three minutes for video.”

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from Poynter. http://ift.tt/1CcXSIP



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