An Enviable Magazine Demographic

It’s not quite The Robb Report territory. But the target audience for Physician’s Life, a new bi-monthly consumer magazine debuting this spring from New Jersey trade publisher Wyanoke Group’s SLACK Inc. is right up there.

From Keith J. Kelly’s report:

“We’re not going for the pharmaceutical and healthcare advertisers,” Wyanoke Group CEO Peter Slack said after being reached at an optometrists convention in Hawaii. “We’re going for consumer advertisers in fashion, auto, travel and the luxury watch market.”

He plans to send 340,000 controlled-circulation copies to the MD audience. “They have individual incomes north of $215,000,” Slack said.

Greg Hood, a medical doctor based in Lexington, Kentucky, will act as the magazine’s editor, while those aforementioned ad sales pursuits will be handled by New York-headquartered magazine services firm James G. Elliott Co.
[Photo: lightwavemedia/Shutterstock.com]

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